Free AVG Antivirus for Mobile Devices

AVG Free Antivirus for Mobile Devices (Android Devices)

– AVG is a popular antivirus product vendor for computers running Windows OS. They are more popular for their free AVG product, which millions of home uses run on their windows 7, vista and XP operated computers. Now they have entered the mobile space through the acquisition of Droid security.

AVG 2011 is the current version of their free antivirus software for computers running Windows OS and it is a big improvement over AVG 9.0, which provided free virus protection. You can also free download a trial version of the commercial AVG 2011 internet security that provides more comprehensive computer security.

The speed at which various mobile product vendors release smartphones these days is amazing! Google’s android is now the darling among smartphone (and tablet) manufacturers and mobile app developers and they all love this open source OS. But open source software has a few disadvantages as well. It becomes easier for spammers and hackers to study the loopholes and build their own viruses and hacks. Since the android phone user community is growing everyday, the risk of threats in the form of viruses and hacks increase at a rapid pace. This is where mobile antivirus solution providers like Droid security have an important role to play.

AVG saw a new business opportunity here and as part of its strategy to capture the mobile antivirus market, it has acquired Droid security, a pioneer in the field of mobile security solutions. They provide tools and services needed to safeguard all kinds of Android devices (smartphones, e-readers, tablets and appliances). Droid security has both a free and pro version of their antivirus products. These products will now be improved and serviced upon by AVG.

AVG Free Antivirus for Mobile Devices

Droid Antivirus Free (AVG mobile antivirus)

Droid Antivirus offers security against viruses for android phones and other mobile devices. The following are some of the features of this free mobile antivirus product.

  • Ability to scan the whole device and identify and remove viruses with a simple click
  • Automatic scans can be run weekly, daily or on demand
  • Check apps for malware, before downloading them from app stores
  • Check website content, emails and SMS for malware, before downloading to the device
  • Ability to locate lost or stolen device using GPS
  • Ability to create and display message on screen remotely
  • Lock the device and wipe content
  • Ability to manage applications remotely
  • Basic protection from SMS Spammers

“Droid Antivirus Free” edition will hereafter be released under the AVG banner as free AVG mobile antivirus product.

“Droid Antivirus Pro” provides premium SMS security i.e. it checks all SMS in real time, for malicious content and spam and also let you block them at source. Anti-Virus PRO is free of advertising and other disruptions and provides customers with premium level support.

Download AVG Mobile Antivirus (Free)

Download Free mobile antivirus – “Droid Antivirus Free” by visiting the Android Market on your android device. You can also download it to your PC from here and then upload and install it on your android device.

Old AVG Antivirus Editions

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