Free download Doubletwist and strip music from Apple’s iTunes

Doubletwist is a free software that lets you strip DRM from media files like music or video files.Thus iPod owners can easily copy music and videos bought from iTunes and then run it on other devices.Doubletwist is very easy to use and all one has to do is to drag and drop songs from Apple‘s iTunes software, into a folder on their desktop.You can then copy these files on to other devices such as mobile phones and games consoles via the internet.

Doubletwist is owned by the popular Norwegian hacker Jon Lech Johansen alias DVD Jon.Doubletwist actually breaks the copy protection – also known as DRM or ‘digital rights management’ – built into all music that users buy from from iTunes. According to such DRM or copy protection, music bought from iTunes can only be played on the iPod.However DVD Jon’s company maintains that Doubletwist is legal, though Apple would not certainly agree with Doubletwist or DVD Jon.

Free Download Doubletwist:

DoubleTwist is a free download that can work Windows XP or windows Vista desktops.Accordsing to DVD Jon, soon a Mac version of doubletwist will also be released.
DoubleTwist actually scans all the media files on your PC’s hard drive to find and convert any DRM-protected music or video. DoubleTwist does the The DRM removal on such DRM-protected music or video in the background.
Download Dowbletwist and free you DRM protected media (music or video) files.

How does Doubletwist work?

The mechanism of Doubletwist is quite simple.It actually plays the music file silently and re-records it as a non-DRM file.Doubletwist can integrate with your iTunes library as well.But DoubleTwist will only convert songs you own or are authorized to play in iTunes.
Doubletwist can also work with external devices like Sony PSP and just about any phone that can download music. For instance, when you plug in your Windows Mobile device, DoubleTwist will automatically launch itself launch and scan all the media files, performing any necessary format conversions and DRM removal.
Once your media files are converted, you can sync them to another separate device, or simply share them with other DoubleTwist users.
DoubleTwist also provides a file sharing Facebook application, thereby making sharing of your newly liberated music and video files very easy.All you need to do is just select any number of music or video files (up to 10MB) and upload them through the Facebook widget. The Facebook widget will convert them (if the desktop DoubleTwist app hasn’t already converted the media files) and you can then send them off to your friends.
Now, will apple retaliate?

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