Free Memory optimizer for windows vista/XP – Memory Improve Master

Optimize your computer’s RAM (memory) with the free Memory Improve Master and improve PC performance.This is a good memory optimizer for computer systems that get slow because of using several applications simultaneously.

Memory Improve Master works by freeing up memory when the computer runs slow or when there is no available memory sources in your system disk space or whenever you want to optimize memory due to frequent system crashes.

Features of free Memory Improve Master:

  • Runs in background and optimizes memory only periodically.
  • Learn user’s habit automatically by intelligent learning module.
  • Free up memory immediately.
  • Free memory with hot-key.
  • Compresses memory to reclaim more available space.
  • Tune up and speed up the system performance.
  • Manage processes running on your PC.
  • Graphical representation of current system performance and resource usages
free memory (RAM) optimizer for windows PC

Memory Improve Master can run on windows vista or XP.Free download Memory Improve Master and free up RAM (memory) on your computer.

5 comments on “Free Memory optimizer for windows vista/XP – Memory Improve Master

  1. Not recommended.
    Add-on memory managers of any form are almost always a bad idea. Windows XP and Vista have very good memory management and there is no need or benefit in an external memory manager. Windows has access to many internal data structures and functions that are not available outside the system. The means available to any external memory manager, no matter well written, are crude in comparison. Whatever faults Windows memory management may have can not be solved by such a program.

    A program such as this may provide impressive numbers in Task Manager but the improvement is only cosmetic. Performance will almost always be impaired.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

  2. Well… In a practical way, unfortunately I do not believe things are this great. My vista HAD some noticeable increase in performance when I installed this program…. So sorry reality is different from theory.

  3. This is the only memory optimizer i have downloaded that actually works for vist and it works very well 10% improvement in ram instantly doesnt sound like much but when alot is being used or you need alot its a big help

  4. Who said so? it works and does it very well….
    Microsoft makes a friendly OS, it’s always clumped with processes that no one needs, memory leaks, and huge amount of memory loads into DLL’s(that should be unloaded once used)and that’s what makes mostly anyone computer to cripple down.

    im too certified ROFL

    Novell(NCA, NCE-ES,CLDA), Microsoft(MCSA, MCSE, MCSD) Cisco( CCNA, CCNP)

  5. Hummm… A Microsoft-certified negative opinion. Just what I needed to make up my mind.

    Will download and test it asap. ;-D

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