Free Microsoft Word Document Tabs Addin (Download)

Get the Free Microsoft Word Document Tabs Addin and Open Microsoft Word 2007 Documents in tabs. This addin for word 2007 lets you open and multiple word documents in tabs. this is vewry similar to how you open multiple browser windows in tabs in firefox, internet explorer, google chrome and other browsers.

At work, we Quite often find the need to open multiple word documents. By default, the opened word documents are arranged horizontally or vertically on the taskbar as show below.

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However, users will find it more convenient to quickly navigate to the document they want, if the word documents are available in a tabbed interface. Users would have experienced the ease of using a tabbed interface in browsers like firefox, Internet explorer and Google Chrome. The Free Microsoft Word Tabs addin lets you open multiple word documents in tabs in windows vista and windows 7. Thus the Word Tabs addin realizes most of the functions of “IE Tabs” in MS Word.

If you feel that you do not want the tabs functionality for Word documents, you can close the Tabs by just clicking Add-ins –> Tabs button. Doing so will close the tabs but not the word documents.

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If you wanted to close a single word document from among the multiple Word files, you can simply press “X” to close the particular document. you can also but right click on the word document and close it through the context menu.

Free download Word Tabs addin from here and increase the usability of Word 2007 documents. You need windows installer 3.1, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio Tools for the Office system 3.0 Runtime (VSTO) installed on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista operated PC to use this MS Word tabs addin.

To check whether you have windows installer 3.1 installed, press the start menu, go to Search programs and files and enter msiexec in the search box. A windows installer dialog window will open, showing you the version of Windows Installer. If you do not have windows installer 3.1, you can download Windows Installer 3.1.

To verify whether Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Visual Studio Tools for the Office system 3.0 Runtime (VSTO) has been installed or not, go to Control Panel –> Programs –> Turn Windows features on or off, and then you will see the version of .Net Framework and VSTO.

If ever you wanted to uninstall Word Tabs Addin , go to Control Panel –> Programs –> Uninstall a program, and then press the WordAddinTabs to uninstall it.

Enjoy the free Microsoft Word Document Tabs Addin.

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