Free photo editing software – XnView [Download]

Download XnView, a free photo editing software to view and convert graphic files. This free photo editor is not only simple to use but also supports more than 400 graphic file formats.

Features of XnView, a free photo editing software

  • Support for Image IPTC and EXIF metadata.
  • Support for rotating EXIF automatically.
  • support for editing IPTC.
  • The freeware supports editing of images in several different formats. It supports almost 400 graphic file formats.
  • The edited images can be saved in several different formats (50 graphic file formats). It is an excellent software to convert images from one format to another.
  • It also supports GIF animations, Multi page TIFF and even Animated ICO.
  • It provides all the basic image editing tools for resizing, rotating and cropping images.
  • It also provides support for loss-less rotation & cropping of images.
  • XnView also has tools for adjusting the brightness and contrast of images.
  • The tool also has a number of filters to apply on images. It almost has every filter that you see on several other photo editors like blur, average, emboss etc.
  • The tool also makes it easy to apply a variety of photo effects.
  • The tool also makes it easy to view a Slide show of photos with all the applied effects.
  • The most significant feature of this tool is its support for batch conversion and batch renaming of files.
  • It is not only an image editor but it can also function as a WEB page creator.
  • Another important functionality of this free photo editor is its support for creating or editing multi-page files in formats like TIFF, DCX, LDF, etc.
  • It is also easy to drag and drop images on to the editor’s interface in Windows.
  • Images can also be easily compared on the interface of this editor and the tool can also be blown to full screen mode.
  • It also provides Print support in Windows.
  • The freeware also provides support for TWAIN & WIA in Windows.
Free photo editing software

XnView is available in several different languages and it is also free of adware and spyware. The photo editor is also available for most popular OS like Windows, MacOS X, Linux and more.

Free download XnView and this photo editing software is an essential tool to have in your free software collection.

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