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Are you looking for a Free Photo Editing software that is more than a basic retouching tool and can prove to be an useful photoshop alternative? There are several free desktop and online photo editors that can fix and optimize your digital pictures.But here is a good free photo editing software that can be used to easily enhance your digital photos using the power of plug-ins, called VirtualStudio.

VirtualStudio does have a lot of interesting features and it can help you do more than the basic photo retouching. This picture editor has a decent collection of photo frames to enhance the digital photo appearance.This tool includes an 8-bit Photoshop Plug-in Filter called “Virtual Photographer“, that is compatible with Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint and other popular imaging applications.

Virtual Photographer works like Photoshop and implements layers and can even blend these layers using various modes. Virtual Photographer also implements a pixel-editing engine, whereby it can modify the RGB values of each pixel and map these changes to curves related to the overall images so that no step effects are apparent.

You can even add a title or watermark to the photo.

Free Photo Editing Software

Features Of the free photo editing software – VirtualStudio:

  • Supports many popular Photoshop plug-ins
  • Support for 30 file formats including jpg, jpeg2000, png, bmp, gif, tiff, psd and some RAW files
  • Support for applying layered effects with “Blend” mode
  • It is also an Image Browser with support for full-screen Photo slide-show
  • It can easily Open multiple photos
  • It can add picture frames, watermarks and titles to Photos
  • It Can adjust brightness/contrast, gamma, hue and color
  • Selection with feather tool
  • Sharpen, blur and noise removal
  • Full Curves functionality
  • Histograms
  • Shadows and highlights
  • Flip and rotate to 1/10th degree
  • Selection with feather tool
  • Red-eye removal
  • Edit IPTC information and view “EXIF”
  • Print Photos with Print Preview Feature
  • Can Connect to your scanner or camera
  • Has some Cool Skins
  • Enable or disable or drag tool-bars

Free download VirtualStudio from here and start using it straight away. VirtualStudio works on Windows XP and Windows Vista.If you are looking for some help to get started, check this tutorial here. Enjoy the Free Photo Editor!

If you are looking for more alternatives, you can try a pro picture editor called Xtreme Photo Designer that is free to use or even try another free picture editor called Active Pixels.

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