Free RAM Memory Optimizer

Get free RAM on you PC with “Extra RAM“, a free computer memory optimizer for Windows. RAM optimizers like Extra RAM can sometimes help you boost PC performance by instantly freeing up computer memory, whenever your system needs it.

RAM is a vital component in your PC. It stands for Random Access Memory and every time you start or run an application or open a file in your PC, it is placed into RAM. RAM is a temporary storage area in you PC where data is stored temporarily, so that the CPU can access that information more easily. The CPU requests the data it needs from RAM, processes it and writes back new data to RAM in a continuous cycle.In most computers, the movement of data between the CPU and RAM happens several times almost every second! When an application or file is closed, it and any accompanying data or files are usually purged (deleted) from RAM, thereby freeing it up for new data. If the changes to files are not saved to a permanent storage area like the hard disk before being purged, the changes are permanently lost. Hence many people strive to have more RAM to boost PC performance.

Adding more RAM will normally cause your computer to perform better and faster on certain types of operations. But you can also optimize RAM and boost system performance with free programs like Extra RAM. Extra RAM works as a background process and it is completely automated to optimize your computer memory.It also has a very friendly user interface and also gives you information about the “Free” and “Used” physical memory. You can view such information from Extra RAM’s systray icon!

Free RAM optimizer

Extra RAM can be configured to start automatically on system start up to monitor your RAM and optimize it automatically, after it reaches a certain threshold. The freeware works on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.

Download the free Extra RAM and optimize your PC memory and performance.

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