Free up RAM (memory) in windows with MZ Ram Booster

Free up RAM on computers running Windows with Mz Ram Booster.It is a free software to optimize the RAM (Random access Memory), depending on CPU usage.

CPU(Central processing unit), most commonly called the processor, refers to the computer’s velocity to operate data while RAM refers to amount of computer storage (memory) to handle the data being processed by the CPU.Higher the amount of RAM, better is the performance of the computer.

Mz Ram Booster is a free software that optimizes the usage of CPU and RAM and thus improves the performance of your computer. This RAM optimization tool works on Windows vista, XP, 2000 and 2003.

Ram Booster interface has options to optimize the memory by unloading unused DLLs and by recovering memory from processes that are not in use and also to boost CPU by freeing up the idle tasks running in the background. However, the latter can be used only on Windows XP.

“Send to tray option” will send the application to system tray and whenever you require its services, it will be available for you.

Ram Booster to improve computer RAM memory

Mz Ram Booster displays system information i.e. total RAM (memory) installed, memory used and memory available. It also displays Virtual memory information.

Mz Ram Booster also gives you information about the CPU activity and usage. The user can even set the update interval (recommended is 400 milliseconds or 0.4 seconds) for CPU information retrieval.At this level, Mz RAM Booster will be as accurate as possible.

Ram Booster to boost computer RAM memory

Mz Ram Booster can be configured to perform memory optimization according to user defined parameters, during system start up. RAM (memory) can be cleared when the CPU level is lower than a user specified value.The recommended CPU level is 35% and the optimization can be set to take place at regular time interval. (Recommendation is 120 minutes, but it depends very much on how the system is used).

One can even set a minimum memory level free.This is an excellent option to avoid computer freezes and ensuring memory allocation for necessary applications only. One can even set Mz Ram booster to try increasing the RAM to a user defined value. Thus, if the memory level goes below a specified minimum value, the program will automatically begin the optimization process. On the contrary, when the user defined value is reached, the memory optimizer will stop optimizing.

The “Recover” Options in Mz Ram Booster include specifying the amount of RAM to recover when “Recover Memory” button is pressed, and the number of passes (tries) to free the specified amount of memory.

For those who are less computer savvy, Mz RAM Booster provides a simple “Recommended Settings” button, which when pressed, will automatically fill in the value boxes, based on scanning (study) of your system.

Mz RAM Booster also has several tweaking features including, turning on 8.3 File name Creation, that speeds up file system operations (however 16 bit applications would not work with tweak). You can know whether an application is 16-bit or 32-bit from the version tab in properties.

One can even disable executive paging on computer systems with more than 512MB of RAM as this way, the core Windows system will reside in the memory and not paged to disk, resulting into an increased performance. Unloading Unused DLLs is recommended for low end computers (less then 512MB of RAM). Note that windows does automatically unload unused DLLs, but it happens only after a certain period of time has passed.

Get Mz Ram booster and free RAM (memory) on your windows based PC/system.

One comment on “Free up RAM (memory) in windows with MZ Ram Booster

  1. All programs such as this are generally a bad idea. They do increase the amount of available RAM in a system and uninformed users are lead to believe that this must be a good thing. It is not. They work by unloading data and code in use by applications. This forces this data to be reloaded when it is later accessed.

    Windows XP and Vista manage memory very well on their own. All such programs interfere in this fine tuned system with predictable resaults – -impaired performance.

    Larry Miller
    Microsoft MCSA

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