Free Rapidshare Downloads (Wait Time=0)

Rapidshare is a popular file sharing service where several thousands of people upload and download Rapidshare Files on an everyday basis. What amazes me is the fact that we could almost find any file that we are searching for on the web like music, songs, movies, videos, TV shows, templates, themes and more on Rapidshare.

Though People upload and download several thousands of files everyday, there is no good inbuilt Rapidshare Search Engine.However, we had earlier covered several good third party Rapidshare Search Engines. You can find working Rapidshare links to almost any file you search for via those Search Engines.

Free Rapidshare Downloads With Wait Time=0:

If you are a Free user of Rapidshare, here is a simple trick to beat the Wait Time imposed on Rapidshare Downloads for Free Users.

  • Open your web browser and paste the Rapidshare Link, for the file you want to download, in the Address Bar.Press Enter
  • Click Free User
  • Rapidshare Page will display a Wait Time counter
  • Copy and Paste the following to the browser Address Bar
  • Press Enter

That is all folks! You would find the wait time disappearing immediately and you can enjoy Free Rapdishare Downloads.

You could also add the following link to bookmarklets and use it, whenever you want to circumvent Rapidshare Wait Time.If you are using Internet Explorer, just right click on the link and select Add to Favorites and save it to the Links folder. If you are a Firefox user like me, right click the link and select Bookmark This Link and save it to the Bookmark Toolbar Folder.

6 comments on “Free Rapidshare Downloads (Wait Time=0)

  1. This reduces the timer, sure, but when I try and download the file Rapidshare throws a 404. I’d sooner wait the 50 seconds or get a premium account to be honest.


  2. It works sometimes…when we repeat it…but yes, unfortunately it does not work always…I was too excited when it worked the first time…

  3. change the “0” to a “1”…it is a wait time of one second but doesn’t trigger the checks Rapidshare has.

  4. Nice little hack, it removed the wait time, but gave an error while downloading, may be it does not work all the time.

  5. […] that has to reside in the same directory as RapidDownload. Earlier we covered a hack for Free Rapidshare Downloads with Zero wait time. However, the hack does not work always. You can give RapidDownload a try, […]

  6. Just use tools like the jDownloader

  7. I was unaware of this, thanx 4 sharing. But I hadn’t yet find the unlimited download trick.

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