Free Rapidshare premium account download manager

Rapidshare premium account holders can manage their downloads easily with EasyDownloader.This is a free tool that offers several good features for premium users, to manage their downloads from rapidshare.

Earlier we covered rapidshare plus, a free rapidshare download manager for free users of rapidshare, to download files easily.We also covered Freerapid, another free download tool for free users.

While those tools were for free users, EasyDownloader is a tool for Rapidhsare premium account holders. It helps them in automating file downloads either as multiple parallel streams or by queuing the downloads one after the other.

Features of EasyDownloader for Rapidshare premium users:

  • This tool is easy to use and absolutely Free
  • There are no annoying adds
  • It has a sleek and intuitive user interface and design
  • It is a java based tool and hence platform independent.Thus it can work on Windows XP/vista, Linux, Mac, etc…
  • You can input a whole list of links at once
  • It supports parallel downloads or single queues downloads
  • You have the option to pause and resume downloads
  • you can access your rapidshare premium account in a Secure manner with login over HTTPS
  • Automatically extracts RAR files
  • checks for automatic updates

EasyDownloader can run on windows vista/XP, Linux, Mac and other operating systems.However this tool is only useful for premium account holders, who must have “direct downloads” enabled with rapidshare.

Free download Easydownloader and enjoy managing rapidshare downloads with your premium accounts.

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  1. Free rapidshare premium accounts unsecure

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