Create free ringtones or wallpapers for your mobile phones

Free ring-tones and wallpapers for your cell phones can now be easily created with this fantastic free service – your own ring-tone or wallpaper is just a three step process.Upload, cut and save your favorite song or music as a ring-tone or upload cut and save any wallpaper to your cellphone.

Free ring-tones and wallpapers for your mobile is yet another free service that lets you download or create free ringtones.However you need to sign up with them and they would allocate a locker for you. is more of a social networking site for sharing any cool iphone ringtones or wall papers.You can browse through other people’s publicly downloadable ringtones or wallpapers and download them by simply dragging and dropping into a drop zone.There may also be items that are sharable only among friends.If you like a ring-tone or wallpaper of another person, then you need to become his/her friend to get it.

The coolest part of’s service is it automatically makes the kind of ring-tones, wallpapers, movies & games specifically tailored for your phone.Thus, even if your friend in uses a Nokia mobile phone, you can get iphone ring-tones from her collection.

As with, you can create your own ringtones.You can even create wallpapers with First, download the content from your locker onto your PC.Then you can either use blue-tooth or a cable to get the ring-tones or wallpapers to your mobile phones. You can even use your phone to surf to your locker and directly download the ring-tones or wallpapers to your phone.

Syncing content from the locker to itunes:

  • Add the ring-tones to your locker
  • “Press synchronize to iTunes” button that you see in your locker
  • iTunes opens. Select ‘podcasts’ on the left
  • In podcasts, you can see all items that are in your locker.
  • Choose the items you want to sync to your iPhone by pushing the ‘GET’ button
  • The selected items will now be available in ‘ringtones’ (below podcasts)
  • Hook up your iPhone
  • select your iPhone
  • Go to podcasts-tab
  • select the podcast
  • Go to ringtones tab
  • Make a selection again
  • Push apply)
  • After syncing, select settings >> sounds >> ring-tones on your iPhone
  • your new ring-tones should have appeared in the Custom section

Next time when you add items to your locker

  • open itunes
  • select ‘podcast’
  • Right click on and push ‘Update Podcast’
  • continue from step 5 above

Go to and enjoy free ring-tones and wallpapers for your cellphones or iphone.

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