Free uninstaller software to remove programs in windows

Free uninstaller is a software to remove programs in windows.It is better than the default “Add/Remove programs” applet, which you can access through the control panel.

How do you normally uninstall programs in windows? Most users try to use the program’s “uninstall” menu item to remove the software from their PCs. A few other users try to use the “Add/Remove Programs” utility in windows control panel, to remove the software programs installed on the PC. Here we will cover a free uninstaller that does a little more than the default uninstallers in windows.

This free uninstaller is not just a replacement for “Add/Remove Programs” utility in Windows, but it also lets you see the complete information of any program installed on your PC. The program has an excel grid like interface which lists all programs installed on your windows PC and gives such information as the “publisher”, “size”, “exe file”, “icon file”, “uninstall string”, “install location”, “install source” and more.It also shows the registry entries created by the any such software, as well as the list of components and files installed by it.Thus it is easy to readily know complete details of any program installed on your PC, without even opening it.

Features of Free Uninstaller

  • Removing or uninstalling multiple programs at once. Just select the desired applications on the list and click “Uninstall or Remove” button. To select multiple programs use the Ctrl key.
  • Highlights invalid elements and/or system components.
  • Displaying detailed information about every installed program (“name and version”, “size”, “producer name”, “web page”, “comments”, “uninstall command” etc.)
  • Ability to sort the list in ascending or descending order.
  • Advanced searching capabilities.
  • Ability to search the program name and the developers with Google, Yahoo! Search, and Bing
  • Displays registry entries created by any program in “Details” window.
  • Ability to export the list to the HTML file and copy selected elements to the Clipboard.

Free Uninstaller is a 100% freeware for both commercial and non-commercial use and it is free from adware and spyware.

How to uninstall or remove programs with Free Uninstaller?

The interface of Free Uninstaller has 3 main elements.

  • A toolbar with the most frequently used functions like “Uninstall”, “Search”, “Remove” (to remove programs from the displayed list), etc.
  • List of the installed applications and
  • A bottom panel which can display additional information about any selected application.
Free Uninstaller Software

To uninstall a program, simply select it on the list and click the “Uninstall” button. You can even uninstall multiple programs in one go, by selecting them all using the “CTRL” key and clicking “Uninstall”.To remove a program or multiple programs from the displayed list, select them and click the “Remove” button. Note that “Remove” is not the same as “Uninstall”.”Remove” just removes the selected programs from the “Display list” and it doesn’t uninstall them from the PC.

Among the list of installed applications, all invalid elements are highlighted with a red color and “System components” are highlighted with a dark blue color. Since removing system components can damage the operating system, Free uninstaller hides them by default.

Download the free uninstaller from here.

Windows uninstaller

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