Free Virus Protection with AVG 9.0

We had earlier told you about how you could download AVG free Antivirus 9.0 Edition. AVG Antivirus is one of the most popular free anti-virus software available on the internet for home users. Here we will detail its security features.


Anti-Virus combines several technologies to ensure that your computer is protected from viruses:

  • Scanning – searching for character strings that are characteristic of a given virus
  • Heuristic analysis – dynamic emulation of the scanned object’s instructions in a virtual computer environment
  • Generic detection – detection of instructions characteristic of the given virus/group of viruses

AVG is also able to analyze and detect executable applications or DLL libraries that could be potentially unwanted within the system like various kinds of spyware, adware etc. Furthermore, AVG scans your system registry for suspicious entries, temporary Internet files and tracking cookies, and allows you to treat all potentially harmful items in the same way as any other infection.


Spyware is usually defined as a type of malware, i.e. software, that gathers information from a user’s computer without the user’s knowledge or consent. Some spyware applications may also be installed on purpose and often contain advertisements, window pop-ups or different types of unpleasant software.

Currently, the most common source of infection is websites with potentially dangerous content. Other methods of transmission, such as via e-mail or transmission by worms and viruses are also prevalent. The most important protection is to use an always-on background scanner, Anti-Spyware, that works like a resident shield and scans your applications in the background as you run them.

There is also the potential risk that malware has been transmitted to your computer prior to AVG installation, or that you have neglected to keep your AVG 9 Free up-to-date with the latest database and program updates. For this reason, AVG allows you to fully scan your computer for malware/spyware using the scanning feature. It also detects sleeping and non-active malware, i.e. malware that has been downloaded but not yet activated.


The LinkScanner component provides protection against websites, that are designed to install malware into your computer via the web browser or its plugins. The LinkScanner technology consists of two features, AVG Search-Shield and AVG Active Surf-Shield:

  • AVG Search Shield contains list of websites (URL addresses) which are known to be dangerous. When searching Google, Yahoo!, MSN or Baidu, all results of the search are checked according to this list and a verdict icon is shown (for Yahoo! search results only “exploited website” verdict icons are shown). Also if you type some address directly into your browser, click a link on any website or e.g. in your e-mail, it is checked automatically and blocked if necessary.
  • AVG Active Surf-Shield scans the contents of the websites you are visiting, regardless of the websites address. Even if some website is not detected by AVG Search Shield (e.g. when a new malicious website is created, or when a previously clean website now contains some malware), it will be detected and blocked by AVG Active Surf-Shield once you try to visit it.

AVG Link Scanner is not intended for server platforms!

Resident Shield:

The Resident Shield component gives your computer continuous protection. It scans every single file that is being opened, saved, or copied, and guards the system areas of the computer. When Resident Shield discovers a virus in a file that is accessed, it stops the operation currently being performed and does not allow the virus to activate itself. Normally, you do not even notice the process, as it runs “in the background”, and you only get notified when threats are found; at the same time,Resident Shield blocks activation of the threat and removes it. Resident Shield is being loaded in the memory of your computer during system start up.

Download AVG Free Anti-virus Edition 9.0 and enjoy free virus protection for your Home PC.

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