Free Windows Media Player Plus for WMP 12 and WMP 11

Free Windows Media Player Plus is a plugin for WMP 12 and WMP 11 and it enhances tag editing and search capabilities of the default media player for windows.Free Download the plugin.

Enhance your user experience with windows media player 12 and media player 11 with windows media player Plus, a free and great plugin for the popular media player on windows!

Windows Media Player 12 has several improved features and it supports most popular and widely used video formats. Library management has also been enhanced and it is even possible to browse through other media libraries like the itunes! It is also possible. The player also makes it easy to stream video and audio on remote PCs or any other device.

Unfortunately, this media player is part of the core OS and is not available for windows vista or windows xp.But, media player 11 is still a good player and if you don’t have one, you can download windows media player 11 and use it in Windows XP or Vista.

If you are on windows 7 and using WMP 12 or on vista/windows xp and using WMP 11, you can download and use the plugin called Windows media player Plus, which offers some useful enhancements to the default media player in windows.This includes an “advanced tag editor plus” to tag the video and audio files and a powerful “find as you type” search tool, which lets you find videos or songs just by entering their titles anywhere on the interface – and not just the search field.

Features of Windows Media Player Plus

Free Windows Media Player Plus

It provides an advance Tag Editor which works on Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7. It also makes it easy to search for media. Click anywhere on the interface and enter the title of the video or music file to search for it. There are several other features like the ability to restore the last active playlist and the ability to re-enable all plugins after a crash.

Download the free windows media player Plus plugin for WMP 12 and WMP 11 and enjoy the improved tag editor, search capabilities and other cool enhancements to the user interface!

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