Free Zip Program – DesktopZip 2008

Archive and unarchive files with the zip program DesktopZip 2008. This is a free compression program that uses the popular ZIP format to compress files and folders.

Files are usually shared on the internet in compressed formats.Compression reduces file size and enables faster download. ZIP is a popular file compression format. Typically, most files shared via emails and the file sharing sites on the web are Zip files. Zip files are files with .ZIP extension. These Compressed files must be unzipped or decompressed to retrive the original files.

Winzip is a popular file decompression tool and is widely used.However it is a shareware. There is also 7-zip, a free and open source file compression program. Here we introduce DesktopZip 2008, a powerful and user friendly zip program that supports most file compression formats and is free for the lifetime . It compresses data or file quickly and has a range of features.

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Features of DesktopZip 2008:

  • Has a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Repair ZIP archives
  • Search ZIP archives
  • Supports wildcards to filter
  • Test Zip archives
  • Supports drag and drop to compress or decompress
  • Supports large Zip files

The support for most file compression formats and its comprehensive features make DesktopZip 2008, the only file compression or decompression utility, you will ever need.

DesktopZip 2008 works on Windows XP and Windows vista.Free download DesktopZip 2008 (link) and enjoy this ultimate free zip program .

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