Zip recovery with free zip repair tool from DiskInternals

Repair corrupted zip files with the free zip repair (zip recovery) tool – from DiskInternals.Zip format is the most widely used file compression format for storing and sharing of files/tools.quite often, the original file is compressed to a smaller size with a zip utility and shared.

As any other compression formats, zip format is also more prone to corruption.When a zipped file gets corrupted, none of the standard zip tools can extract the file from the zip.Basically most of the zip tools work by checking the zip archives for integrity.In case of a zip file damage, CRC (the cyclic redundancy check) makes zip archive inaccessible, and normal file extraction is impossible.

This free zip Repair tool from DiskInternals, will help you recover the files by scanning the corrupted zip archives and extracting all the intact files to a new zip archive.You can then name the recovered zip and save it to any disk, including network disk.

zip recovery with free zip repair tool

This free zip repair tool has the ability to fix zip files of any size and is available for windows vista/XP.Download the free zip repair tool from DiskInternals, and repair corrupted zip files.

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