Generic Host Process Win32 Services Fix

Do you get an error on your PC that throws the following message?

“Generic host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost”.

Generic Host Process Win32 Services Fix

We earlier covered a few solutions to resolve Generic Host Process For win32 Services Error.The solutions required closing of ports 445 and 135 by editing the registry.If you are not comfortable in editing the windows registry, here is a tool that lets you solve this problem with a few simple clicks.It is called Windows Worms Doors Cleaner and it detects all services enabled on your Windows PC by checking registry entries, the local open ports and the running services.

Since most of the viruses use known vulnerabilities in Windows services, which are enabled by default, and can’t be disabled via the operating system’s configuration, this tool is an excellent way of enhancing your PC Security.It also lets you solve the “Generic Host Process For win32 Services” problem easily.

Windows Worms Doors Cleaner

Features Of Windows Worms Doors Cleaner:

  • It lets you disable the critical windows services exploited by the viruses
  • Thereby, close the critical ports
  • Displays all the local opened ports
  • It is runnable with command line parameters
  • It Checks the names of running processes to detect popular viruses
  • It also checks svchost memory usage

Free download Windows Worms Doors Cleaner from here and fix Generic Host Process Win32 Services Error.

3 comments on “Generic Host Process Win32 Services Fix

  1. I have a Generic Host process for Win 32 problem it does not come up right away but after about 2hrs , And when it comes up I loss my AUDIO driver, suddenly I have no sound?? and when I check the driver its not there if I shut down the computer and restart the sound again works, but in a couple of hours it comes up again?? I have run Malware and cleaner and Avg security and at first I had a virus but got rid of it, but the error still comes back and I loose sound any ideas?? should I try one of the solution you recommend, would they work for this problem? Thanks

  2. Hey Dennis,

    I have had the same exact problem and I’ve been looking for a solution. So far I have tried this page’s fix and I will let you know if it works. Most conventional solutions don’t seem to be effective but this page seems to yield the most promise.

  3. Scott : let me know if they work as I am using Win XP service pack 3 ???
    and all they seem to mention here is Service pack 2 ?? So I am not sure if these solutions will help at all .


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