Get more performance from dual processors with Task Assignment Manager

Task Assignment Manager is a utility to obtain higher performance, for applications and games, from systems running dual processors.The users can achieve this by manually assigning Process Affinity or task priority to an application or game, whenever it is run.

Task Assignment Manager is a very useful utility that lets you control the performance of applications or games.What is admirable about this tool is it is just 221KB in size, on extraction, and is a great addition to any Portable USB flash drive collection.

A dual-processor system with two 3 GHz Xeon processors does not automatically have the same kind of power as a 6 GHz computer. Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) or Hyper Threading (HT) need to be supported by both the application and the operating system for performance to improve by any significant measure. Also, the operating system’s native management features aren’t always as effective as you might imagine.

Task Assignment Manager helps you combat this by providing a software utility that allows you to switch over to manual operation to assign processor affinity and to set task priority.

Task Assignment Manager
Task Assignment Manager

However if your applications have already been optimized for multiprocessing, the utility will not be particularly helpful. You can only draw some extra juice out of a multiprocessor system if you are running several applications without SMP support simultaneously. For example, while a CPU is compressing a movie in MPEG2 format with Main Concept software, the other CPU can be used for office applications or your Internet browser.

Download THG Task Assignment Manager and get to know how you can manually assign processor threads to applications or games, and enjoy good performance.

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  1. Interesting read but i think it will only be applicable to the higher end of processors or it supports dual cores too ?

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  2. It supports dual core processors too…

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