Secure gmail account by turning on https permanently

Secure gmail Account (Google account) by permanently turning on gmail SSL encryption. Gmail has always supported HTTPS protocol. This is a safe encrypting protocol that encrypts the email content as it is exchanged between your web browser and Google’s Gmail account servers.

Earlier we covered a tutorial on how to secure Gmail account by accessing your gmails in SSL (Secured socket layer) mode i.e. by accessing over HTTPS connection.

However Gmail accounts can be hacked with snifing tools, that automatically steal non-encrypted sessions IDs and break into Google mail accounts.This had been demonstrated at Defcon hackers’ conference in Las Vegas. Though Gmail account logins force authentications over SSL (secure Socket Layer), they revert back to unencrypted connections after authentication.You might have noticed the popup messageses that inform you of the reverts.

It is being said that Google does this for the benefit of low-bandwidth users, as SLL connections are generally slower than regular unencrypted connections.But this makes your gmail account risky and prone to hacking, especially when you access them from public wireless hotspots.

so it is always better to turn on gmail SSL encryption permanently.

How to turn on Gmail HTTPS protocol (SSL encryption)?

  • Login to your Gmail account and click “Settings”

gmail-account, gmail-account-settings, google-account

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Setting page and click “Always use https” against Browser connection

gmail-account-https, gmail-account-ssl

That is all folks. Wasn’t that easy to secure your gmail account?

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  1. Since some time for now HTTP is considerd to secure options now adding https ,how long this can be safe.Addition of https seems to be safe option for Gmail users .

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