Gmail Disk Drive – Convert you Gmail Account into an Online Storage

Gmail Disk is a software that lets you convert your Gmail account into an online storage space.Many of you would have known that google will soon come up with an online storage solution called GDrive.But there are already ways to make use of the storage space in your Gmail account. Gmail disk is one such software that lets you create a virtual file system around your GMail account, thereby enabling you to convert your Gmail account into an online storage area.Gmail disk creates a drive on your computer that would look like this.

Gmail disk

How does Gmail disk work?

Any new file that you create using Gmail disk is sent as an email to the inbox of your Gmail account.You will find the file as an attachment to this email. Gmail disk, periodically scans your Gmail account to see if new files have arrived and then rebuilds the directory structure.What is cool about Gmail disk is it can be used as any other drive on your computer.In fact you can simply drag and drop files into this disk.These will then be sent to your Gmail account as emails. Isn’t this an easy way to back up your blog posts? You can then create appropriate labels in your Gmail account, to segregate these files.

The latest version of Gmail Disk – Version 1.0.12 now works with Google Apps accounts (hosted domains) too.You can Download Gmail Disk from here.

Extract and install the software by clicking setup.exe.Then enter in your Gmail user name and password.Finally go check your My computer or windows explorer. That is it! you can start using your Gmail account as any other folder on your computer.

Update on GDrive

GDrive may make its debut anytime and the long wait is almost over.It is said that Google would offer a certain amount of storage space for free while charging for additional gigabytes.

Here are my posers. If Google makes GDrive available with sufficient storage space, can it not replace your hard disks? Can’t we then see sale of cheap computers, without a hard disk, that are designed specifically to access internet? What are your thoughts? GDrive could be put to more innovative uses.Share with us on how you plan to use it.

4 comments on “Gmail Disk Drive – Convert you Gmail Account into an Online Storage

  1. I think everyone is waiting for Gdrive to come up. Pretty useful software indeed.

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  2. Hi,
    GMailDrive is also a useful application for this purpose.

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  3. I agree with the idea about disk free computers– we seem to be headed toward centralized computing. Unfortunately, we should be wary of it for two reasons that are immediate to me: 1) There is an environmental impact. Actually, it is extremely more energy efficient to access data stored locally on a hard disk than to always sending and receiving data from a google data center. Even though it gives we freedom of movement, so does a laptop. Adding up constant communication and signal amplification, etc. across the country for a period of say 5 years would add up to a lot more energy than just using your laptop. 2) Be wary about relinquishing control of your information to google (even thought they are wonderful) and becoming dependent on them. In a few years, they may be used by so many people that they could charge enormous rates to manage such online information for you. A simple change of policy and you may be paying a monthly computing bill that wasn’t there before.

  4. Agreed. Infact Gmail account is not meant for storing your content 🙂 Gmail disk are only temporary solutions for the not so important files, that you would want to access from anywhere. However you could only treat this as another backup solution.

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