Gmail SMTP Settings – Server and Port

Gmail’s SMTP Server can be used to send emails from any of your favorite email client.You can send email using any email client, from any network that lets you connect to the Google’s SMTP server. All that has to be done is to setup the third party application with Gmail’s SMTP Settings. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol


The following are the SMTP configuration details for sending emails through Google’s SMTP Server from any of your preferred email client program:

Default Gmail SMTP Settings

  • Under Outgoing mail, set Gmail SMTP address as
  • Full Name or Display Name: Your Name
  • SMTP user name: your full Gmail address ( Google Apps users may have to enter
  • SMTP password: Your Google password.
  • SMTP Port (SSL): 465
  • SMTP port Number (TLS): 587
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required as: yes.
  • Use Authentication as: yes.

If you tried configuring your SMTP server on port 465 (with SSL) and port 587 (with TLS), but are still having trouble sending emails, try configuring the SMTP server to use port number 25 (with SSL). But make sure SSL is active for SMTP in your email client. Also ensure “allow authentication” is active for the SMTP server in your email client.

Check out how to roubleshoot SMTP Setup for Gmail.

Before using your Gmail as SMTP Server, make sure that you have enabled POP3 in Gmail Settings


or Gmail IMAP through settings in your Gmail Account.


Gmail SMTP Settings for Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and other Email clients

The above mentioned server settings for sending an email over Gmail are required only in a third party email client program for using Gmail. For example, if you want to use Gmail in Mozilla Thunderbird, you may manually enter the settings within Thunderbird’s program options.

Since Gmail is so popular, some email client programs might even provide these setup details automatically while you’re setting up your account.

SMTP Limit for sending emails from a third party application via Google SMTP Server is around 100-150 emails per day. However the sending limit is 500 emails per day via Google’s web interface.

How to Connect Microsoft Outlook to Gmail using IMAP Settings and SMTP settings?

You may connect your Outlook email client available on Windows to your Google Email Account using the above SMTP settings. You may have to configure your IMAP Account Settings in Microsoft Outlook for both incoming mail and outgoing mail as shown below. This is for using SSL as encryption method for outgoing mail where the PORT to be used is 465.

IMAP Account settings for Outllook to connect to Gmail Account using SSL

The following image shows how to configure outlook using StartTLS as the encryption method. The PORT to be used is 587.

IMAP Account settings for Outllook to connect to Gmail Account using StartTLS

Are you still unable to use Gmail SMTP Server?

Despite configuring the third party email client program with the Google SMTP Settings, if you find yourselves unable to use the Google Server (Host) for sending emails, it could be that the third party app uses less secure technologies to log into your Gmail account and if that be the case, Google will automatically block these login requests and you will be receive a message warning you of the security of your email client program. When you experience this, you may have to enable access to your Gmail Account through less secure apps through this link. But make sure you understand the full implications of enabling such access.

Less Secure Access

How to send emails using Gmail SMTP Server in WordPress

WordPress uses php’s phpmailer to send emails. To use Google’s SMTP Server in WordPress, add the following code to your wordpress theme’s function.php file.

add_action( 'phpmailer_init', 'gmail_phpmailer' );
function gmail_phpmailer( PHPMailer $phpmailer ) {
$phpmailer->Host = ''; //SMTP Host
$phpmailer->Port = 465; // could be different
$phpmailer->Username = 'YOURGOOGLEUSERNAME'; // if required
$phpmailer->Password = 'YOURGOOGLEPASSWORD'; // if required
$phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true; // if required
$phpmailer->SMTPSecure = 'ssl'; // enable if required, 'tls' is another possible value

If you use TLS protocol, set the SMTP Port number as 587 instead of 465 which is the Port number used for SSL.

You can also check Hotmail SMTP settings and Yahoo SMTP settings to send mails via Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail respectively.

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  1. Yes we can use ports 465 or 587 , but what version of TLS is using Gmail?, i have a program something like bulk emailer, that works with Gmail but not with other clients.

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