Gmail POP3 Settings

Earlier we saw how to enable Gmail POP3 to access Gmail mails in any POP3 client.Once you’ve enabled POP3 in Gmail, you can configure your POP3 mail client to download your Gmail mails.

The following are the Gmail POP3 settings to configure any email client program:

  • Gmail POP server: – You should set this as the pop server in your email client program.
  • Gmail POP user name: For user name, specify your full Gmail handle (including Google Apps users may have to enter
  • Gmail POP password: It is also important to set your Gmail password in the client software.
  • Gmail POP port: 995 – Set this as the port in the email client software.
  • Gmail POP TLS/SSL required: “Yes” i.e. ensure that TLS/SSL authentication is marked as required in the email client.

That is it. Enjoy downloading and reading your Gmail mails in your favorite POP3 email client by configuring the above Gmail POP3 Settings!

If you like to use Hotmail as the pop client, check out this guide for finding out how to configure Hotmail for Gmail POP3 settings. You may also use GMX or any other desktop email client program like Thunderbird as the POP3 client software.

You can also check out Hotmail POP3 and Yahoo POP3 settings to access in Gmail Hotmail Yahoo Emails.

2 comments on “Gmail POP3 Settings

  1. Hi There

    I am a British tour operator and work in Cuba for time to time. Since arriving back in Havana last week I can not receive my gmail through my Apple Mac Mail via POP. It seams that they have blocked access to Port 995 here. Is there an alternative setting which I can use to get this sorted out? It is driving me crazy!!!

    Many thanks.


  2. Why don’t you try Gmail Imap settings –

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