GMX IMAP Server Settings

Like Gmail, GMX also provides support for IMAP protocol. Here you will find GMX IMAP server settings for accessing GMX email messages and folders in any desktop client program.

We earlier told you about GMX POP3 server settings for pop access to GMX emails. GMX is also one of the very few web based mail servers that support IMAP protocol! IMAP is a better and more stable protocol than POP3. Here are the GMX IMAP server settings.

GMX IMAP Server Settings

The following are the IMAP server settings for GMX.

  • GMX Mail IMAP server address:
  • GMX Mail IMAP port: 993 (alternative: 143)
  • GMX Mail IMAP TLS/SSL required? Yes
  • GMX Mail IMAP user name: Your full GMX email address, for example
  • GMX Mail IMAP password: The password you usually use to sign in to your GMX mail account

GMX is compatible with Mac OS/X, Windows and Linux operating systems. So you don’t have to worry about not getting GMX to work for you. GMX provides you the best solutions to keep track of all your e-mails from a computer or a smartphone or any other device.

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