GMX POP3 Server Settings

Find here information on GMX POP3 Server Settings to set up your desktop email client or mobile email client for accessing GMX mails.
Gmx is a popular free web mail service that lets you manage all your e-mail accounts through one single interface. GMX can keep track of everything and its Mail Collector will retrieve e-mails from all your email accounts and sort them any way you like.

Like other popular web based email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc., GMX mails can be accessed from any of your favorite desktop email clients or mobile email clients, through POP3 protocol. POP3 is a mail protocol which allows almost any e-mail software program you have installed on your desktop or smartphone, to download emails from your web mail’s inbox. However, you will have to configure the email client software for GMX pop3 settings, to send or receive emails in the client program, through GMX.

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What are GMX pop3 settings?

The following are the pop settings for GMX mails.

  • GMX POP server:
  • GMX Mail POP port: 995 (alternative: 110)
  • GMX Mail POP TLS/SSL required? Yes
  • GMX Mail POP user name: Your full GMX email address, for example
  • GMX Mail POP password: The password you usually use to sign in to your GMX mail account

GMX POP settings lets you access your GMX emails in any email client of your choice. Configure your favorite email client for GMX POP3 settings and enjoy.

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