GMX SMTP Server Settings

How to configure your email client to send mails through GMX SMTP Server? Find here the GMX SMTP Server Settings
We had earlier told you about GMX POP3 server settings that lets you access your GMX mails in any email client of your choice.But, if you wish to send mails through your GMX email account, then you must configure the email client for GMX SMTP server settings.

What are GMX SMTP server settings?

  • GMX Mail SMTP server address:
  • GMX Mail SMTP user name: Your full GMX Mail email address (“”, for example)
  • GMX Mail SMTP password: Your GMX Mail password
  • GMX Mail SMTP port: 25 (alternative: 465)
  • GMX Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: no

Configure your favorite email client for GMX POP3 and SMTP server settings and enjoy. You can also read about how to overcome the lack of Hotmail IMAP support by configuring the desktop or mobile email client for Gmail IMAP Gmail SMTP and Gmail Pop3 settings.

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