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Play the Go game with iGoWin. iGoWin is a smaller version of the ancient chinese game, that is more popularly called the Go board game.Go game requires special skills, like the game of chess.It is said that the future of Tibet was once decided over a Go board game, when the Buddhist ruler refused to go into battle; instead he challenged the aggressor to a Go game.

Go game is a mind game that involves your planning and strategizing skills.Igowin is a 9×9 free version of “Many Faces of Go” – the paid version of the Go game.In this game, the players’ main goals are:

  • to Surround territory,
  • Reduce your opponent’s territory,
  • Capture enemy stones,
  • Protect your own stones.

Go game is mainly a territorial game. In iGoWin, the board is marked with a grid of 9×9 lines (though the original go game is a 19×19 lines game). This may be thought of as a piece of land to be shared between the two opposing players. One player uses black pieces, called stones, while the other uses white.

go game

Go game starts with an empty board and the two opposing players take turns, placing one stone at each turn on a vacant point(corners). Black plays first, and the stones are placed on the intersections of the line(corners) rather than in the squares. Once played, stones are not moved. However they may be surrounded and so captured, in which case they are removed from the board as prisoners.

The players normally start by staking out their claims to parts of the board, which they intend eventually to surround and thereby make into their own territory. However, gaining territory is not that easy and involves a lot of planning and strategy.Fights between enemy groups of stones provide much of the excitement in a game, and can even result in dramatic exchanges of territory.

Points are counted based on:

  • one point for each vacant intersection inside their own territory and
  • one point for every stone they have captured

The player with the larger total is the winner. i.e. The winner is determined by the player who has accomplished all the four goals more efficiently.

Go is not a game of the aggressor and the strategic and tactical possibilities of the game are endless, providing great challenges and enjoyment to players. One need to be good at both attacking and defending to win the Go board game.Players need to be very flexible and analyze the board more accurately.

iGoWin lets you play Go game, with a virtual opponent, on your PC/computer.It does not require any installation.iGoWin works on windows XP/Win 2000 or any earllier version of windows and packages an excellent tutorial.

Free download iGoWin and drive away the boredom, by playing the smart Go game.

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