Google’s Adsense, Analytics integration enters beta phase

Google Adsense will soon be integrated with Google Analytics.This was revealed in a post, by, that was for some unknown reason taken down after it was published. The integration seems to have entered the beta phase and the news breakers ( had posted some really good pictures.I had a backup of them.

Main entry Page:


Adsense Trending:

Adsense trending page will be useful for analyzing the various adsense related metrics including Adsense Revenue per 1000 Visits, Adsense Ads Clicked, Adsense Ads Clicked per Visit, Adsense CTR, Adsense eCPM, Adsense Ad Units Viewed, Adsense Unit Impressions per Visit, Adsense Page Impressions, Adsense Page Impressions per Visit.



The all important content page will show a list of all pages that have received adsense page impressions. This page will have a matrix of Adsense Revenue, Ads Clicked, Impressions, CTR and eCPM against the individual pages. These are pretty useful information, as it will let you identify the page generating the max. revenue for your site. You can then really focus on ranking those pages high. One could even consider showing a “Top revenue generator” widget on their sidebars provided Google enables an API for this widget development.



Adsense Referrers:

This page will show the top adsense referrers for your site. The news breakers ( felt that by looking through your top referrers, you can even determine the exact amount of money each referring site has generated for you in Adsense, and reward them accordingly. They were also so excited that they even talked about CPC – based affiliate programs based on the adsense referrers information.


Though the top referrers might vary depending on the blog/site’s niche, I have a feeling that most will find the search engines to be the top adsense referrers.You might then have to share back a portion of your adsense revenues with Google. Are you game for it?

It looks like Google will soon release the Adsense-Analytics integration.Enjoy it folks.

One comment on “Google’s Adsense, Analytics integration enters beta phase

  1. […] upon the blog’s quality, its niche and the posts’ content. I am really excited about Google adsense, analytics integration, as it is going to provide me vital metrics, for my traffic […]

  2. We can expect Adsense integration in Analytics to be made public in 3-4 weeks time.

    I think before the next major PR update by Google.

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