Google Adsense Revenue Share – Adsense for content (68 percent)

Google recently revealed the adsense revenue share percentage through the official Google adsense blog here. This is the first time that google revealed the revenue cut in its popular Google Adsense program.

If you are a website owner then you must have definitely come across the Google Adsense program.Most websites on the web monetize their real estate through this program as it was supposed to be trustworthy and the best ad revenue sharing program on the internet.Google could keep up this reputation because of its huge dominance in the online search (through Google Search) and ad space (through Google adwords for advertisers and Google adsense for publishers).

However, google was so far tight lipped on its adsense revenue sharing percentage.It broke its silence and stunned the online world by revealing what it actually shares with its publishers.While AdSense for content earns a 68% revenue share for publishers adsense for search earns a 51% revenue share.

AdSense for content
and Adsense for Search are two traditional products offered by Google Adsense program for publishers.Though Google now offers more Adsense products including Adsense for mobile applications, AdSense for feeds, and AdSense for games, it did not reveal the revenue share percentage for these as these are relatively new and still evolving.This probably means that google is still playing around with the revenue share for these products and it will take more time for it to arrive at the optimal revenue share.

Though Google doesn’t guarantee the above revenue share percentage, it doesn’t have any immediate plans to change this either.

This news will definitely improve the transparency of the already trustworthy google adsense program.It will also help the other advertising companies to benchmark their ad program against Google adsense.It will also help publishers to evaluate the other ad companies.

We are sure that Microsoft and Yahoo will already be working on their programs and this news will benefit their plans as well.

Google Adsense Program – What is the Revenue Share? Google AdSense for content earns a 68% revenue share for publishers adsense for search earns a 51% revenue share.

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