Free Download Google Chrome 6

Google Chrome 6 is now available for free download. Google has released this stable version of its browser to commemorate its 2nd birthday.

Google chrome browser is only two years old, but it is already at version 6.0! It is hard to believe that Google is in the browser market for only two years! One noticeable feature in this stable release of Google Chrome is “Speed”. Speed is one factor that turns me off when I use Firefox and the more recent versions of Firefox have done nothing to address this. Rather, it has gone from bad to worse.

Google chrome has got its pie of the browser market by making it easy for users to browse the web faster than any other browser! It is always good to hear that every version of chrome is focused on improving its “Speed” further.The chrome developers try not to compromise on speed, even when they introduce new features.Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way. It is quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap and also runs complex web applications fast.

Chrome 6 also gets the “autofill” feature that makes it easy for users to fill forms.You can thus save your personal information and use them to autofill any web based forms.When using autofill, text boxes filled using the saved information are highlighted in yellow. This makes it easy for the user to differentiate such information.

Google Chrome 6 has also improved syncing capabilities and users can now sync browser extensions, web browsing history, autofill information (excluding sensitive information like credit cards), preferences, bookmarks and themes across different computers.

Google chrome 6 has also some noticeable UI changes. This includes merging of the menu buttons and new options like “Edit” (cut, copy, paste) and “Zoom”. The “http://” has now been replace by a “globe” icon and you will no longer see it in the Chrome address bar.

Google Chrome 6

Download Google Chrome 6 and enjoy fast and secure browsing.

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