How To Download Google Chrome Beta?

Google Chrome is a browser that is improving day by day. Earlier we saw how to Download Google Chrome 2 or the latest beta version, by subscribing to the beta channel of Chrome.

However Google, as always, has simplified things for those who want to try the latest beta version, rather than the stable version that you get from Google Chrome’s homepage here.

How To download Google Chrome Beta?

If you are one of those who would like to enjoy the latest features of this light weight minimalistic browser, then you can download the latest Google Chrome beta version without even subscribing to the beta channel.Simply go here and download the Beta version of Google Chrome. With the beta version, you will always get the latest speed and feature updates. However, note that you can only have one version of Google Chrome at a time and hence you cannot have both the stable version and the beta version of Google Chrome, running on you PC.Also note that the current version under development is still different from the beta version and to get the development version, you still need to subscribe to the Dev channel.But development version may not always be stable and hence is not recommended for normal usage.

Easily Download google Chrome Beta here and Enjoy.

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