Google chrome crashes due to winhttp.dll

Google chrome crashes due to an issue with winhttp.dll, for a few.Though Google chrome initialized and started up properly, after disabling sandboxing using “--no-sandbox” option and thereby fixing the application failed to initialize (0xc0000005) error, Google chrome crashed on browsing any web page.On further verification, the crash seems to have been caused by winhttp.dll.

The fix for this issue was to add “--new-http” option towards end of the “target” line i.e. Right click the shortcut to “Google Chrome” and click Properties. Then in the target text field, add a space then add “--new-http” (without the double quotes) right after the ending quotation mark.Note that I am adding this option by leaving a space after the “-–no-sandbox” option.Also note that there are two dashes before new.Refer image below.

Google chrome crashes due to winhttp.dll

What this effectively does, is it creates a new instance of winhttp.dll, from your windows operating system environment, and thereby overrides the winhttp.dll that comes packaged with Google chrome.

Now, I did experiment to remove these options in the shortcut to Google chrome and started browsing web pages.Voila! There weren’t any issues.So those folks who still want to have the sandboxing effect, do remove it, once everything starts working properly.Fix the crashes due to winhttp.dll with “--new-http” and enjoy browsing with google chrome.

Update 2: If you remove the options, google chrome will throw the same errors on a restart.So you should live without the sandboxing effect until Google resolves this issue permanently.

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  3. I am experiencing Crashing of Chrome quite often due to Flash player plug-in is just not responding.

  4. The solution worked perfectly. Thank you so much.

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