Google chrome vs SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is a browser based on free and open source code chromium, minus the privacy issues of google chrome.SRWare Iron is a clone of google chrome and uses the latest version of Apple’s WebKit , like Safari browser.

If you love google chrome, then you will love SRWare Iron even better, for the following reasons:

  • Unlike Google Chrome, SRWare Iron does not create/use any unique ID for each user
  • SRWare Iron does not make any suggestions like the “Google suggest” integrated with google Chrome. It is well known that Google chrome makes the suggestions by sending data to their servers.
  • SRWare Iron does not send any details about crashes and errors unlike Google chrome, which, based on configuration, sends them to google servers
SRWare Iron - clone of google chrome

Interestingly SRWare Iron consumed less memory than Google chrome and definitely seemed to be faster than it. Has this to do with any of the differences mentioned above or the usage of latest version of Apple’s WebKit? However SRWare Iron may throw the same issues like in google Chrome, namely the Chrome 0xc0000005 error and Chrome winhttp.dll crash. These could be resolved in the same manner as outlined in those articles.

Free download SRWare Iron for windows vista and windows XP here

2 comments on “Google chrome vs SRWare Iron

  1. Google chrome is not that good. Sure it’s got some neat features, but the fact that Google owns it, it will *never* have the ability to block ads.
    But as far as speed is concern, chrome is far more away then the other browsers.

  2. Google Chrome I will never use anyway. Having Google Chrome is no different than having spyware on your computer. Pointless to even remove spyware if you are going to use google chrome.

    I love SRWare Iron and it has replaced Firefox in my computer. It is fast, safe and reliable like firefox used to be.

    I will use Iron as my default browser and if anyone wants a good browser that is safe, fast, reliable, don’t look beyond Iron.

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