Google Desktop 5.8 for windows – faster, secure and personalized

Google desktop 5.8 for windows is now a lighter and faster desktop search utility, that provides full text search over all your files including music, photos, chats, Gmail, web pages that you’ve viewed, and a lot more.Google Desktop is no more a mere desktop search utility as it also lets you personalize and keep up-to-date information of everything that interests you via gadgets neatly organized in your sidebar.

Organizing your favourite gadgets on your sidebar is as easy as drag and drop, and if sidebar is not your favourite, you can minimize it into either a deskbar (that keeps a small search box right in your Windows taskbar) or even a floating deskbar (that includes a search box which floats above all other windows).

Enhanced security with Google desktop 5.8:

Google desktop 5.8 for windows provides enhanced security.Whenever you’re clicking on links from documents, instant messengers or twitter clients or e-mails on your desktop or browsing the web itself, Google desktop 5.8 will warn you about sites that might be trying to steal your personal information or installing malicious software on your computer, so you can decide if you want to use the site.

This is a really neat, cool and very essential security feature.With more and more people sharing links using tiny urls on micro blogging platforms like twitter, these security warnings are a definite necessity.

Find and retrieve deleted files with Google desktop 5.8

You can also find and retrieve deleted files with Google Desktop 5.8. It creates cached copies (snapshots) of your files and other items, each time you view them, and stores these copies on your computer/PC/notebook/laptop’s hard drive. As a result, you can often use Google Desktop to find items you accidently deleted, instead of having to recreate them.

Google desktop 5.8 features:

Google desktop 5.8 also provides a better and improved microsoft outlook integration and the ability to lock desktop search via lock search.All one has to do to lock search is to simply click on the Desktop icon in the taskbar and select Lock Search from the menu.

To unlock Google Desktop search, one has to enter the Windows password of the current user on the Desktop home page.

Free download Google desktop 5.8

Free download Google desktop for windows, linux or MAC and enjoy a faster and secure desktop search.

2 comments on “Google Desktop 5.8 for windows – faster, secure and personalized

  1. Does anyone know of a plug-in for Microsoft OneNote? Google Desktop Search can’t index that natively.

  2. In Windows Vista, Google infact uses the index created by Microsoft’s desktop search service.Its main feature of indexing the files from your computer, is no longer enabled by default.If you want to enable Google Desktop’s index, you need to select “Enable Enhanced Content Indexing” when you install the software (Google Desktop 5.8) or in the options page.

    Probably Google is quite clever here and very aware of the fact that microsoft will place hurdles..

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