Google Map Maker in India

Small section of an orienteering map

Google Map Maker has been launched in India. has been designed and built by Google India, to let users create rich, deep maps.

According to Google India,

People can mark their favorite spots in their cities and hometowns, add features such as roads, parks, and buildings, tag small businesses to help users find them, and collaborate to map neighborhoods of interest. This product is motivated by the spirit of information democracy, where people can create information that are moderated and consumed by their peers.

Google Map Maker has already been deployed in 57 countries and if you belong to one of these countries, you can play around with Google Map Maker.

Google Map Maker in India (video):

Note that Google Map Maker has many of the same features and functionality of Google Maps. You can even share a link to you map with Google Map Maker. Get introduced to google map maker, start mapping your favourite places and share your links. Earlier I mentioned about how Google sky is a treat to students and astronomers and now enjoy Google Map Maker.

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  2. Great to see Google India Team. It always great to see people behind the project – Thanks for sharing.

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