Gphone in India by December

Google’s Android powered Gphone (Google phone) will likely be available in India from December 2008 (via Airtel?) .Google Android based Gphone (Google phone) will be launched by Taiwanese handset major HTC (High Tech Computer) in India.This was revealed by Ajay sharma, country manager for HTC (India) in an interview to Business Standard.

Obviously India is a huge market for HTC to ignore, for as long as Apple did. However Gphone like Iphone will have a higher price tag in India than in US. In US Gphone is to be priced at $179 (Rs.8,200).But still Gphone in India will cost much lesser than Iphone vs Nokia N96.

Google's android powered gphone in India

HTC India has not decided on the business model but it is worthwhile to note that it already has an exclusive partnership with Airtel.The availability and ease of use of all google applications including Google maps and Google search will make Gphone attractive in India. India has a huge base of Google application users.The availability of more mobile applications via the Android powered gphone will make it even more attractive.

HTC’s Gphone supports 3G but it would not be of much use in India, as it looks like 3G in India has still a long way to go.Gphone will also sport a slider keyboard and support Wi-Fi unlike apple’s Iphone.Ofcourse it will support touch screen as well.Though HTC’s android powered Google phone (Gphone) may not be as sleek as Apple’s Iphone, it is definite to become a huge hit in India. Also beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Welcome Gphone (Google phone) and Android to India

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