Analyze hard disk space with Xinorbis

Analyze hard disk space with Xinorbis 4.0.1 and get complete overview of the contents of the hard drive space (or directory). This is a free but powerful software that uses rich graphs, tables and tree displays, in its reports.

Xinorbis software makes it easy to visualize the contents, structure, file distribution and composition of a whole hard disk, directory, or mapped network drive. It also includes the ability to create full reports.

Features of the hard disk space analyzer – Xinorbis:

  • You can analyze a single drive / directory or merge several together in one report
  • You can generate complex reports, with options for export to HTML, ASCII, CSV or XML
  • You can save reports and compare them to see how the contents has changed
  • All information displays are completely resizable for ease of viewing
  • Improved speed in analysing hard disk
  • Provides shell support, and scanning a directory through explorer

hard disk space analyser

Xinorbis works on windows vista and XP.You can either download an installer or a zip archive to use on portable media like USB flash drive.

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