Hard drive data recovery with DataRecovery software

Recover accidentally deleted files with file recovery software Data Recovery. This is a free hard drive data recovery software to undelete files from your PC hard drive or disk.

Earlier we covered Data Recovery Wizard Professional to recover deleted files from your PC hard disk or drive.

Data Recovery can analyze FAT32, NTFS, FAT12 and FAT16 hard drives and locate deleted files giving you the option to undelete them. File recovery or data recovery in windows XP or vista is possible because they do not actually delete files without overwriting the part of the physical disk where the file was located.

Data Recovery has a user-friendly interface and allows you to rename file to be recovered. Though retrieving deleted files will not always be possible, as it mostly depends on your system/configuration, Data Recovery may just be adequate for your file recovery needs.


Features of Data Recovery:

  • Data Recovery supports undelete operation on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
  • The program also helps to undelete NTFS compressed files
  • It also helps to undelete EFS encrypted files
  • It even lets you wipe out deleted files, never to be recovered again
  • Data Recovery is runnable from USB memory or floppy disk
  • You can locate deleted files by searching for partial string in the file name
  • The program lets you undelete whole files in a directory
  • You can even undelete multiple files by selecting them with Shift + Ctrl key
  • You can sort items displayed by clicking column headers
  • You can even rename file to be recovered by right-clicking on the file in the list
  • This free program neither requires any installation nor any DLLs

Data Recovery works on windows XP or vista.However you will need “administrator account” to run Data Recovery. “Full scan” for NTFS is effective in cases where you quick-formatted drives. But this would take a long time, and so it is advisable to try this only when you could not find wanted files through normal scan.

Free download Data Recovery and enjoy recovering deleted files with the free disc recovery software.

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