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If you have an HD video, then you should watch it on Miro. Miro is a free open source HD DVD Player and it is the best among the free HD Video Players.

Miro is an application that brings together a collection of video shows from all over the web. It is an open-source Internet TV platform and it brings together a community of broadcasters to create an “Internet video ecosystem”. Miro is not only an amazing video player, but it is also a tool to download videos from YouTube, Hulu and other video streaming sites. Whenever a video has an HD version, Miro automatically downloads the HD video.Thus, you can even download YouTube HD Videos with Miro.

Miro is a free video player that can play any video format including MPEG, Quicktime, AVI, H.\264, Divx, Windows Media, Flash Video and almost every other major video format. Miro uses open protocols to let you subscribe to video channels and video blogs fed via RSS and it uses BitTorrent to download the video files.

Miro has a well designed user interface that supports Video Playlists and grouping of Video feeds through Channel and Playlist Folders. It also lets you play videos one after another and to resume a video from where you stopped.

Miro is fast, consumes less memory, and is more responsive. Miro also downloads faster as it incorporates the latest version of libtorrent for world-class torrent download speeds.

Features of Miro:

  • World class HD video player with a gorgeous and friendly interface, that includes the Miro Guide
  • Supports video Playlists
  • Supports most Video formats
  • Supports audio podcast as well as video podcast
  • With Miro, you can download Daily Motion Videos, YouTube videos and stream TV Shows from Hulu
  • You can easily pause and resume video downloads
  • It is faster, more responsive, and uses less memory
  • Miro will create a thumbnail for any video that doesn’t have one
  • It can move your video collection to any location on your system, such as an external hard drive
  • There are Keyboard shortcuts for all the key playback commands, that makes it easy to configure a remote control
  • You can auto expire videos or choose to keep it permanently, if you like
  • Thousands of free video channels are available with Miro
  • You can control the video feeds to stop downloading new stuff, if unwatched videos pile up
  • Search, download, and save videos from YouTube, Google Video, Blip, and more. You can even save a search term and automatically get new videos as they are posted
  • You can keep on browsing while watching videos on a separate window

Miro is a player that is built for HD videos and you can watch high quality videos in full screen or large displays.Free download Miro for Windows, OS X or Ubuntu from here and enjoy High Definition Videos on one of the best open source HD video players.

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