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Hello All. I have finally migrated from blogger to wordpress.Rather, Google’s blogger has forced me to migrate.I am loving wordpress,widget and its plugins.

Update: This post was written way back in 2007 and the blogger platform has evolved since then.Whatever that has been mentioned here is the opinion on blogger as it was in 2008.

Well if you are wondering why i said “Google’s blogger has forced me to migrate”, it is the recent changes to blogger platform that has made it, even less user friendly.

Google has made commenting by non blogger users less friendly.If you are a non blogger user, then you can comment with a nick name but not with the url of your site.Also recent changes to blogger platform are altering alignments and layouts of custom blogger themes and images on posts, quite frequently.Images take ages to load.Blogger has also blundered in its algorithms for automated spam runs.It was time for me to say good bye to blogger and hello to wordpress.

Now here i am on wordpress and loving all its widgets/plugins.I am learning the secrets and nuances of blogging with wordpress, rapidly. I would be making a few posts on my migration from blogger to wordpress and hope they would serve as a good guide to all migrators to wordpress.I am also planning to release a few wordpress themes.In this blog, I would also be sharing with you all sorts of innovations in technology,hardware and software,blogging platforms like wordpress and its widgets/plugins, SEO and web designing.I would request you all to share your thoughts on all my ramblings.Do visit regularly and enjoy the reads.

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  2. Hiya!
    Congrats on the move.

  3. Congrats 😀 Hopefully you’ll love WordPress. It’s far better than Blogger.

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