Hide/remove/disable Google sidebar(options) in Google Search

Google has enabled its new search interface to almost all its domains for users worldwide.The new interface is more colorful and sports a bright colored Google logo, a left sidebar with search tools like “Wonder Wheel Timeline”, “Related Searches”, “translated Search” and more

Though the left sidebar has some really cool and useful search tools and filters, I would have preferred an interface that had this sidebar on the right, with more focus on search results, as people scan pages from left to right.Google chose to show its ads on the right sidebar.But it would have been better if Google displayed the search tools on the same right sidebar, beneath the google ads.

If you are one who would like to remove or hide or disable the left sidebar, here are a couple of add-ons that you could use on your google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

How to hide google sidebar search tools in chrome and firefox browsers?

To hide the Google google sidebar search tools in chrome browser, you may install the ‘Hide Google Options’ extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The Hide Google Options browser plugin allows you to take control of your Google search results page by keeping the Google “Options” panel as an optional feature.

Hide Google Options lets you turn on and off the left-hand column (sidebar) of search options if your search results pages have a permanent three-column display. Google is testing a three-column search user interface, and for a small percentage of users, Google options in search results are not collapsible. If your Google search results are served in a three-column user interface and you would like to restore your Google results page back to its original two-column display, download and install the ‘Hide Google Options’ extension for chrome browser here and the extension for firefox here.

The extension can be used on worldwide google domains, and not just google.com. Historically, Google’s options pane was enabled by using a + box labeled “Show options” at the top of the page, so the user could show or hide the left-hand options at will. After installing the extension, you may click the small icon in the corner of your browser window to alternately show or hide the options shown in the left-hand pane of Google search results.

For those of you who find the left sidebar in Google Search results annoying, these extensions will really help.

A tutorial on how to hide or remove or disable Google sidebar on the left of Google Search results.Download “Google Hide Options” for Chrome and firefox browsers.

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