Hotmail IMAP Settings – Are there any?

Hotmail IMAP Settings – Are there any? Though Hotmail provides support for POP3, it does not directly support IMAP .But it does provide Exchange ActiveSync for syncing emails between Hotmail and the client programs.
Hotmail does not support IMAP for your Hotmail accounts yet! Microsoft had recently revamped the Hotmail interface and made quite a few exciting changes.However, Hotmail IMAP isn’t supported yet.

The new Hotmail supports an Hotmail messenger, which lets you send instant messages without the need for a windows messenger client program. This web messenger also makes it easy to find the status of all your Hotmail contacts i.e. whether they are online or not.

But one important feature that the windows live team is yet to work on is IMAP. Though Windows Live does support hotmail pop3 access from a number of email clients, there is no direct support for IMAP protocol. The advantage of IMAP over POP3 is the fact that it provides two-way syncing capabilities between your mail clients and your web based mail accounts. This is very useful for users of smartphones like the Iphone as they can sync their emails between the various devices. Further, PoP3 protocol is prone to losing messages or downloading the same messages multiple times.

Unlike Hotmail, Gmail does support both PoP3 and IMAP protocols. You can read our tutorial on how to configure your email clients for Gmail IMAP settings and Gmail PoP3 settings for POP access.

If IMAP is essential for you, the workaround is to first configure Gmail for Hotmail’s PoP3 settings. You may get guidance on this by reading our guide on configuring Gmail for Hotmail PoP3 settings to access your emails in Hotmail.

You can then enable IMAP in Gmail and access all your Gmail emails from your email clients, using IMAP. Thus, you can access the emails routed from Hotmail to Gmail using PoP3 protocol.Your Gmail inbox is always in sync with your email clients on the desktop or the iphone or any other smartphone, if you enable IMAP for your Gmail account!

Update (Nov 30 2010): Microsoft now provides Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail to sync emails between your client programs and Hotmail.

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  1. Does it mean it works with all providers with pop3? And will I need one gmail account for each provider with pop3 or is one gmail account enough for several pop3 accounts ? Please answer 🙂

  2. You will need only one gmail account and you can configure it to be the central mail account that receives mails from all other pop3 mail accounts including hotmail.You can then enable imap for that gmail account and access mails in that gmail on any mobile device or desktop mail client 😉

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