Receive Hotmail mail as an SMS alert

Microsoft has now made it easy to receive hotmail alerts as SMS and it is all free! You can check your emails and reply to them as text messages, by making use of this free service.

Microsoft had totally revamped its Hotmail interface recently.The new interface integrates your Hotmail account with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also integrates Windows Live Messenger as a web based hotmail messenger to keep in touch with all your important contacts, wherever you are.

Hotmail has now made it easier to receive, read and reply to emails as SMS! You can not only configure the email address or domain for which you like to receive alerts as text messages in your mobile phone but can also set up filters to only get alerted for the important mails.

How to receive Hotmail emails as SMS alerts?

You can receive the Hotmail alerts as text messages (SMS) in just three simple steps and you don’t even need a GPRS connection.

  • 1. Log on to
  • 2. Enter your mobile number and you will receive a verification code in your mobile phone.
  • 3. Enter the verification code and you are all set to receive alerts as text messages in your mobile phone.

To receive the alerts, you just need a Hotmail or windows Live ID and a mobile phone!

You may already be aware of Hotmail support for POP protocol.Though we are yet to hear anything on Hotmail IMAP support, we had earlier told you on how to integrate Gmail and Hotmail to receive all Hotmail emails in your Gmail inbox. This will be useful as Google provides support for Gmail IMAP protocol.

With Microsoft’s renewed focus in improving its email interface, we can definitely see several new cool features in Hotmail. So, what are you waiting for? Get a windows live id and get a free Hotmail account.

Though Microsoft provides these SMS alerts for free, your mobile service provider may charge you for the SMS. The charges depend on your pricing plan.

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