Hotmail Messenger – Free download windows live messenger for Iphone

If you had come here looking for the free web messenger accessible via, then here is how you gain access to Hotmail Messenger.

Microsoft had just released a brand new Hotmail interface and it has now released the windows live messenger for iphone, which brings Hotmail, messenger and social networks to the iphone. You can now share media files as part of your personal status. Microsoft has now introduced a new feature in its Windows Live messenger for iphone and it is the ability to include photos, links and other rich content in your status messages.

With this new feature, it just takes a few taps to send a photo status message from your iPhone. You can either quickly capture a photo or select any appropriate photo from the local iPhone album or from the huge gallery of photos that you can upload to skydrive. You can even style the chosen photo from one of several built-in photo effects, before sharing it.

Your friends and followers can follow your status either from their PC or iphone! Windows live messenger can even publish your photo status message to other social networks like facebook or twitter.It is now up to these social networks to support them. It will also make sense for the social networks to include support for photo status message updates, as a picture can convey much more than a few limited characters! Photo status messages are also great to reveal your mood and feelings and it will be more realistic than emoticons.

This new windows live messenger can also connect facebook and other other social networks to Windows Live! To connect them, browse to your profile page, click Connect, and then select the networks to connect. This connects Windows Live to that network irrespective of whether you’re on the PC or the iPhone.

You can even check mails in your Hotmail inbox. The Hotmail icon on the “Social” tab notifies you of new email messages. Tapping the icon will take you to the mobile version of Hotmail from within windows live messenger.

Hotmail messenger

You can also instantly send a message to your friends or colleagues or dear ones by just tapping on their names or their photos! As in the good old IM client, you can continue to send text, emoticons, nudges, URLs and photos with your IM messages. You could even carry out multiple WLM conversations on you iphone at the same time! When you are chatting with one friend, incoming IM messages from others are displayed in a notification area within the current chat screen, to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Windows live messenger also supports other smartphones through its web services for mobile browsers. Even if you have a basic phone, you can still update your windows live messenger status, get alerts for social updates and more, by sending SMS to Thus, Windows live messenger has not only been designed for the smartest phone but also for the dumbest or cheapest phones.

If you are on an iphone you can download Windows live messenger for iphone here.

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