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Hotmail messenger is a web based messenger from microsoft, that you can access from you inbox. Here is how you access your msn web messenger through your inbox, wherever you are!

Microsoft had recently revamped the Hotmail interface and included a whole lot of new features in it.But, do you know that you can access your windows messenger from your Hotmail? Yes, Hotmail messenger or the web messenger is available in a select few countries – Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway,France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, UK and USA. If you live in any one of these countries, you will find an option to sign in to Messenger on the top right.

Microsoft may eventually enable the hotmail messenger for all other countries but if you cannot wait longer, go over to and change your country to one of the above.You will then find the messenger option on your Hotmail inbox too!

hotmail messenger

Once you sign in, your status on hotmail messenger turns into “Available”. You can change the status to “Appear Offline” or “Busy” or trigger a dialogue with your other available friends.

hotmail messenger

Note: The hotmail messenger loads towards the end.If you find it difficult to sign in or change your availability status, simply refresh the page and try again.

We earlier told you about the release of messenger beta for windows 7 (windows messenger 7) and the exciting new features in it. Microsoft has also released a windows live messenger for phones, that lets you keep in touch with your social circle, wherever you go. You get access to hotmail messenger and social networks through the windows live messenger for phones.

If you are on windows 7 or vista and still prefer a messenger client, you can give the new messenger beta a try and you will be thrilled at the new features.If you are on xp, you will have to live with windows live messenger 2009 but it is a good instant messenger too and offers all that you will get via any other messenger.

Hotmail messenger is definitely useful when you don’t find access to a windows messenger client. You can not only send instant messages, without having the need to install a windows messenger client program but you can also find out the status of your hotmail contacts i.e. whether they are online or not. If you find them online, you can straight away initiate a conversation with them.

Google had already integrated Gtalk to Gmail, and it only makes sense for microsoft to introduce Hotmail messenger, sooner than later for all other countries, officially.

Hotmail messenger is also available via where you will find a list of all your windows live contacts.

Download MSN Messenger

You can download windows live messenger for desktop – Windows Live Messenger 2011.

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  1. good news, I can finally access my email at msn, I hope that some companies are not shielded. kisses

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