Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Settings

Microsoft had introduced Hotmail POP3 support in the year 2009. Prior to that, Hotmail had supported an HTTP protocol and one could access the emails in only a few Microsoft products like MS Outlook using the Outlook Connector.

Since Microsoft has now implemented free POP services for Windows Live Hotmail users, you can conveniently get your mails through any of your favorite e-mail software in your PC or mobile device. By just configuring the email client for Hotmail POP3 Settings, you could easily access your Hotmail account to receive and send mails through such desktop or mobile client.

Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Settings

How to configure a mail client for Hotmail POP3?

POP3 is an email protocol which allows you to receive mails from your Hotmail inbox to almost any e-mail software program that you have installed on your mobile phone or PC.

It must be noted that you don’t have to do anything in your Hotmail account to enable “POP Access”.You just need to configure the email client for the Hotmail pop settings!

Find below the Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Settings information for configuring your preferred e-mail client.

  • POP server” – Set the incoming server as and incoming port as 995.
  • POP SSL required” – Yes
  • User name” – Specify your Windows Live ID including the domain name. This is usually the Hotmail full email address. For example,
  • Password” – Specify the password to your Windows Live or Hotmail Account.
  • SMTP server” – Set the outgoing server as and the outgoing port as 25. You can use 587 as the SMTP port if the default port is blocked for some reason.
  • Authentication required” – Yes (Note that this authenticates the POP user name and password. i.e. the user name and password of your Windows Live Hotmail Account).
  • TLS/SSL required” – Yes

In most email clients “Authentication required” is turned off by default. You must make sure to enable it. You must also make sure that SSL is enabled for POP and SMTP connection.

As stated above, one need not configure anything in their Hotmail accounts to migrate the mails through the free POP service. They only need to configure their mail client for Hotmail POP3 and SMTP settings.

Enjoy accessing your Hotmail mails in your favorite email client using Hotmail POP3 and SMTP settings.

In case you want to read your Hotmail emails in gmail, find out how to access in Gmail, Hotmail mails.

Update – Microsoft now provides exchange active-sync to sync your emails!

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6 comments on “Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Settings

  1. this is so nice that i can access my hotmail account from iPhone. thank you for this amazing article.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this article.

    Only one small point. If you are using MS Outlook. The SMTP server may give you an internal error while using SSL and TLS may not be supported. If you are having a good internet security pack installed. Just put NONE. It works.

  3. The email program I prefer is Thunderbird and we have been unable to get emails to send out from my email program now that hotmail is depositing emails into it. Any suggestions? Another web tech told us that hotmail is not compatible with Thunderbird. Is this true? Thanks for any help in this matter 🙂

  4. if you could configure thunderbird for hotmail’s pop3 and smtp settings, then you should be able to receive mails from hotmail and also send mails through hotmail smtp server.

  5. I needed it for developing a new pop3 client. Thanks.

  6. This worked great. I have been trying forever to get Claws mail to send and receive. I have had luck getting to receive, but until today I could not send. I did have to use STARTTLS for the SMTP authentication and I had to manually add the port, but it is now up and running and it is awesome! Thanks for the great post!

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