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Free Download Hotspot Shield for Windows 7 and Mac

– It is getting more and more difficult these days to guard your privacy. Every internet player, big and small, is trying to track your every move. Some claim to do it for serving relevant ads, without any intention of harming you. Regardless of what they claim, it is always good to shield yourselves from those prying virtual eyes of the internet.

We earlier told you about some of the best free antivirus software, to protect your computer and files from viruses and malware. While they are good to protect your computer, Hotspot Shield is one free and decent anonymous web surfing tool to not only protect your privacy, but also your security and anonymity.

Hotspot Shield

It is not only important to protect your computer from getting infected, but it is equally important to secure your web session and other private and confidential information you share with trusted sites. With more and more people going online these days, good and trusted anonymous web surfing tools, which safeguard your privacy and security, have an important role to play. Hotspot Shield is one such tool that not only offers the relevant protection, but is also free to download, install and use. Though this tool was originally intended for use on a public computer like those at airports, railways stations, cafes etc., it makes more sense to use them in your home computers too.

Hotspot Shield

What does Hotspot Shield do?

Here is what this web proxy tool does.

  • Secures your web session, data and other personal information online, with advanced data encryption technology (HTTPS)!
  • Protects your from online identity theft
  • Hides your IP address to guard your online privacy
  • Lets you access all content privately and without censorship, bypassing all firewalls
  • Protects you from snoopers at public computer kiosks like the Wi-Fi Hotspots, hotels, airports and more.

After downloading the above installer (exe), double click it and then click “Download”, to start downloading and installing Hotspot Shield via anchor-free download manager. During installation, make sure to un-check options that set their “Search” page as home page and also make it the default search gateway.

Download Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers protection for both wired and wireless connections. It works by creating a virtual private network (VPN) between the computer and their internet gateway. It runs on windows 7, windows xp, and vista and also on Mac computers.

Launch Hotspot Shield and enjoy anonymous web surfing.

launch Hotspot Shield

If you don’t like to use it for any of your web session, you may disconnect or turn it off through the Hotspot Shield icon in the task-bar.

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