How to change system display language in windows vista via registry?

In windows vista, system display language can be changed via registry. i.e. default display language for windows vista interfaces can be changed via the registry.
Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) (for x86 and x64) and Windows Vista Language Interface Pack (LIP) is used by vista users to change the display language of windows vista interface.

However, users need to to login as administrator and disable UAC, in order change the language of the system. But there is no guarantee that it will work and the language switching process may still fail. Hence users will be unable to select the new language set. some vista users may also face a situation where the Apply button to enable the new language remains disabled or grayed out, or it may even click without any corresponding action.

To solve the above issue windows vista users can simply logout and login again as administrator and also have UAC turned off. However, if this does not help, then windows vista users can try the following registry trick to modify the system language directly in registry.

How to change system display language in windows vista:

  • Run Registry Editor – regedit.exe (you can Click Start –> Run and then type regedit and finally press “Enter” )
  • 2. Navigate to the following registry key:


    where xx-YY is the original system user interface language locale string.For eg: it will be “en-US” for English US edition.

  • 3. Rename the xx-YY to aa-BB, where aa-BB is the locale string for the new system language that you want to set (for eg: you can set it to “de-DE” for German), so that the registry key looks like below:


  • 4. Inside the renamed aa-BB registry key, create a new “String” value in the right pane, and name the new value data as DefaultFallback.
  • 5. Assign the “DefaultFallback” with value of xx-YY (i.e. the original language).

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