How to connect a PC running windows Vista to a wireless network?

This tutorial is on how to connect to a wireless network in Windows Vista.You can connect your PC, running Windows vista as OS, to a home wireless network or a public network very easily.Infact this has been made much easier in vista, than in window XP.

Moreover, Windows Vista can even detect a non-broadcasting wireless network (hidden SSID), thereby enabling you to configure it as a preferred network. This is a new feature in Windows vista that Windows XP lacks.

How to connect a PC running windows Vista to a wireless network?

First, make sure that you have a wireless adapter and a driver installed on your computer.Otherwise do ensure that you set up an adapter and the appropriate driver(driver for connecting to the wireless network).

Then go to the Start menu and click on “Connect To”

A network window will pop up that will show all the available connections, like dial-up, VPN and wireless.Choose the wireless connection and click the Connect button.

If the network you try to connect is a security-enabled network, that requires authentication,then:

  • the connection will happen automatically,if the network key is automatically provided by your network or system administrator (i.e.,if the network supports IEEE 802.1x)
  • Else you need to edit the network key, before you can connect.The key can either be a WEP or a WPA or a WPA2 encryption key.

The connection will show up as connected,once you are actually connected to the wireless network.

You may see and modify the connection settings of the wireless network by right clicking on the connected wireless network and choosing “Properties”.

You may even set up the network as the default wireless network.

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