How to convert VHS to DVD

Are you looking for methods to convert VHS to DVD? Here we will list the methods to transfer VHS to DVD. VHS tapes are outdated and by converting them to DVD you can ensure they will remain viewable for long, as DVDs are better storage media compared to VHS tapes.

How to convert VHS to DVD?

There are basically three methods to transfer VHS to DVD.

  • 1. Recording the VHS tapes with a DVD Recorder – DVD recorders can directly record from analog sources like VHS players and from digital sources like camcorders or DVD players. You don’t need a computer to create the DVD recordings and you just need to Connect the VHS, VCR or camcorder “output’ to the DVD recorder’s “input”, using either a higher quality S-video cable or the standard RCA dubbing cables. This is the simplest and quickest method to convert VHS to DVD
  • 2. Capture VHS tapes using a capture card – You can capture the video in the VHS tapes using a capture card like a FireWire card on the PC. This method is more flexible than the previous method, as you can edit the recorded video in your computer in several different ways. More importantly, this method lets you record even a copy protected VHS tape! But you should use this method only if you legally purchased the original video and the intention to convert to DVD is for having a good back up.
  • 3. Capture VHS tapes using an analog-to-DV Converter – You can also capture the VHS video tapes to a computer by connecting the video card to the VCR using cables (i.e. analog-to-DV converter). You can then copy VHS to your PC, but it takes considerable time. After copying it to the computer, you can edit the video using any good video editing software. You can also encode it to MPEG-2 to and burn it to a DVD using a good DVD burning software

Check our this tutorial to convert VHS to DVD.

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