VHS to DVD – How to copy VHS Tapes to computer or DVD

VHS to DVD – Do you have old VHS tapes that you would like to copy to your computer or DVD? In any case, copying them to a DVD is easy once you have copied the VHS to computer.

By copying your old analog videos (VHS tapes) to digital format, you can ensure they will continue to be viewable for long, as DVDs don’t degrade, every time you play them, like analog tapes do. Moreover, DVD is a lot more convenient to use than VHS. Hence, it is always advisable to copy VHS tapes to DVD i.e. convert them from analog to digital.

There are several options for the VHS to DVD conversion. In one of the methods, You need a video card that has a video-in port to take the VCR’s video and audio as input. The video cards are also known as TV tuner cards, which you can either buy online or at the stores.

Once you have bought the video card, install it on your PC and then connect it to the VCR via cables.You can then copy VHS to your PC.However, this may take some time since the time needed for decoding the VHS tapes vary.It depends on your computer’s speed and the detail level of the tape which is copied.However, the copying happens without the need for any user intervention and hence you may start copying the VHS to computer and then continue with any other work.

Another simpler alternative is to have your VCR or camcorder output on a FireWire connection and then capture it to a FireWire card in your PC. This video demonstrates how this is done.

All you need is a IEEE 1394 port, which is also called FireWire or i.Link, on your PC. Many new computers come with an IEEE 1394 port, but if you don’t have one, you can buy an easy-to-install FireWire add-in card. FireWire will help you transfer video from any Mini-DV or Digital camcorder to your PC and store it on the hard disk.

Many new digital camcorders have analog inputs. If you have an analog input, it’s easy to transfer VHS to PC. You just need to insert an analog tape into your VCR and connect its outputs to the digital camcorder’s analog Input. Next, plug the camcorder into the PC’s FireWire port.

When you’re ready to capture, set the camcorder to playback mode and press the “Play” button on the VCR. The video will go from the VCR to the camcorder, where it will pass through the FireWire cable into the PC. If you start your video capture software and begin recording, you can capture the entire tape in digital format on your PC’s hard disk.

If your movies are in 8mm or Hi8 format, you have a simpler option as today’s DV/Digital camcorders can play those older formats just fine.Put your old Hi8 tape in the camcorder, press “Play” and capture the video in digital format on your PC.

Once the video is captured on to your PC, you just need a DVD burning software to burn it to DVD.You can even edit the videos before burning them to DVD.Check out the free video editing software to edit videos.

Using a DVD recorder to copy VHS to DVD

There is yet another method where you may not need a computer but you will have to use a DVD recorder.Connect the outputs of the VHS player or VCR to the Input of the DVD recorder. Next, press the “Play” button on the VCR and the “Record” button found on the DVD recorder and the VHS is copied to your computer in a short span of time.Once the VHS has been converted into a file in DVD format, it could be played in the computer and copied to your PC easily.

However, this method doesn’t offer you a lot of flexibility, though it is the fastest and easiest way to convert VHS to DVD.

This article explains the methods to copy VHS to Computer or VHS to DVD.You can also copy VHS tapes to a computer and from there on to a DVD using any free DVD burning software.

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